SmartHome How-tos

Most of the posts are about HomeSeer making your home automatic or smarter. It can by turning on or off your light, setting your heating to a specific temperature depending on the weather outside. See more about Z-wave and other SmartHome technologies in the posts. See more here.

How to replace USB Z-Stick with Z-Net from HomeSeer

Would you like to change your Z-Wave network controller from USB Z-Stick to Z-NET from HomeSeer. This guide can show you step-by-step how to replace this  Z-Stick with Z-Net. See the complete guide here


Add Z-wave devices to HomeSeer

To control all these devices you first need to add them to HomeSeer for this you need a Z-wave controller. With the Z-Wave units, you can dim, turn on and off the light, detect motion and more. To see how z-wave devices can be added read to how to here.

Add z-wave to HomeSeer

Yale Doorman connect to HomeSeer How-to

See how to install Yale Doorman as your Smart lock, Yale Doorman can connect with HomeSeer via the Verisure SmartLock module. This means that you can control the lock and trigger it by events. Triggers can be that it automatic would lock at a giving time every day. See more here.

Yale Doorman unboxed

Amazon Alexa connected to HomeSeer

See how you can make Amazon Alexa the voice of HomeSeer. How it is passable to make Alexa control your light and other devices in HomeSeer. In our SmartHome we have had Amazon Alexa for about a year and it is very handy and smooth for voice control of lights. See more here.

Alexa Controlling Light


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