Purpose of guides for SmartHome


SmartHome of iPhones

Here you will find a category with the SmartHome or homeautomation if you want – where making your home more automatized is one of the most important topics, as well as how to make your home more “smart” where the light must turn on automatically, the heat must adjust after the outside weather and the car must turn on the heat before driving, so are some of the things that you will be able to read about here.

Most parts of the guides and how-tos are based on HomeSeer as the system platform, with Z-wave  technology or units that can send or receive with 433 MHz. But you well also get in touch with  IFTTT and integration with Amazon Alexa.

Beside all these “smart” features in your home, I will also have guides / how to automatic posting on Facebook, Linked or Export data to Excel / Google Sheets.

Hope this will help you have start building your smarthome / homeautomation  system

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