SmartHome without hub?

Is it possible to have a SmartHome without an expensive SmartHome hub?

The solution can be BleBox.

They offer SmartHome products of a high quality that you connect to your home Wifi or the built-in Wifi that the devices have. wBox series from BleBox can be used without a SmartHome Hub. This means they can get started without adding an expensive SmartHome Hub. If you want to know more about SmartHome Hubs see the guide about HomeSeer.

The protocol BleBox uses is there own μWiFi (Norwegian), that can use normal 2,4 GHz WiFi. The app for BleBox is called wBox (Andriod Apple). In wBox you can control the units, change color, set timers from your phone, tablet or web page. I have made some reviews of some of the products from BleBox, where you can see the use of the app as well.

Video reviews of BleBox.

Intro to Blebox tests and reviews

How to install Blebox Dimmerbox test and review

Product link til BleBox DimmerBox

How to install BleBox proxidimmer test and review

Product link til BleBox Proxidimmer

How to install wlightboxs from BleBox test and review

Product link til BleBox wLightBoxS

How to control ShutterBox from Blebox

Product link til BleBox ShutterBox

Other products fra BleBox.

Besides the SmartHome products in the videos, Blebox also makes light controls in defriend types. They have sensors for temperature and air quality.  It is passable to control awning, doors, gates and your sauna.

I hope this can give you some insight into some SmartHome products that can work without a SmartHome Hub.


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