Nicolaj Nitzsch

Profil billede af Nicolaj Nitzsch
Profil photo of Nicolaj Nitzsch

In 1995 to 1998 Nicolaj Nitzsch lived in Belgien where he started on an international school at S.H.A.P.E. naer the city Mons.

In 1998 Nicolaj Nitzsch move back to Denmark to the city Frederikshavn.

9 years later Nicolaj finished school and started his training as a “Datatekniker med speciale i infrastruktur” (Data Engineer specializing in infrastructure) where Nicolaj become a trainee at “Frederikshavn Gymnasium & HF-Kursus”. In the summer of 2012 Nicolaj finished his education, where he have received training in Cisco CCNA, CCDA and CCNP, Windows 2008 R2, Exchange, SQL, Security, and more. (See the list under education)

After Nicolaj Nitzsch finshed his education he moved to Norway where he started working for “Scan-Med. a|s Norway” as an IT – application and integration specialist, primary in the software Diamant by DiaSoft, Milou by Medexa, software from Mortara, and other software solutions for the health care industry, with integrations to HIS/PACS systems and other medical equipment. (See description under experience) After 2 years Nicolaj Nitzsch move to a new position in Scan-Med. a|s Norway as Sales Manager for Neurology in Norway. In this position he have been working with Strategy, Financial responsibility, Product solutions and Market development (See description under experience).

One of Nicolaj’s interests are Businesses development, from finance, marketing to strategic management. This is interest he developed in his own business and IT Collection. Nicolaj often use the knowledge he have on the subject in my Daly work, and always try to develop new ways to meet customer and business satisfaction combined together.

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